Walnut Face Wash Scrub (Lemony Ylang) – 115 ml


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Anti Aging Cell Renewal Formula
Our skin produces 1.5 million dead skin cells per hour. It is very important for us to scrub the dead skin cells away to help the underlying new & healthier skin to come out. Scrubbing also helps our skin to absorb moisture as it opens up the pores. Scrubbing is important for both oily and dry skin so that it is able to absorb and retain moisture.

The sensitive facial skin requires something that is mild at the same time effective. Using too much soap or a very harsh soap on the face is not recommended, hence, the sulfate free face wash scrub is perfect for use twice a week.
Made from Pure Cold Pressed Conditioning & Cleansing Oils and Essential Oils
(does not contain parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances or colors)

Helps deep cleanse the skin
Removes dead skin
Extra mild on the sensitive facial skin
Soothes sun burns

Ingredients: Pure Ylang Ylang essential oil, Pure Lemon Essential Oil, Walnut Powder, Pure Apricot Oil, Contains mild sulfate free soaps

Usage: Wet your face. Rub some face on your face and gently massage. Wash off after massaging. You will feel fresh and relaxed. Avoid contact with eyes.