Saffron Lavender Vetiver & Rose Blossom Toner – 115 ml

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Rose water has been frequently used in our skin care regime. Similarly Lavender & Saffron Water have a lot to offer for our skin & hair.

Ingredients: Pure Blossom Extracts of Lavender, Saffron, Vetiver & Rose

Restoring PH balance;
Cleansing of pores;
Shrinking the appearance of pores;
Astringent properties to keep skin firm;

Use as:
Toner for the face;
Body & Hair Mist;
Use along with moisturizer for application;
Spray on pillow for a good night sleep;

Use every night after washing your face. Take some toner on a cotton ball and clean your face and neck. Apply moisturizer after toner. Can be sprayed on the face any time during the day to feel fresh.