Pure Vegetable Glycerine – Humectant (115 ml)

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Pure Vegetable Glycerine (Humectant)
Helps retain moisture and is helpful in pulling oxygen into the skin)

By making our skin absorb water from the air, glycerine reduces the dull & dry patches on our skin and keeps the skin hydrated.

a) Dilute by taking very little glycerine and some aloe vera gel/rose water on a cotton ball and dab it on your skin. It will serve as a great moisturizer & make up primer.
b) Mix with water/clay/fruit/honey/aloe vera/ charcoal to apply as a face mask.
c) Mix with a toner & clean your skin using a cotton ball before going to bed.

Great for Lip moisturization,
Anti aging,
Anti acne,
Nail health,
Hair growth,
Shiny hair,
Treats Dry Scalp,
Blackhead removal,
Treating Pigmentation, Dandruff, Split ends, Frizzy hair, Cracked feet, etc
Dilute and apply directly on the problem area