Lip Color (French Red Clay) – 100% Natural

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Lip Color (with French Red Clay)
(100% Natural; Chemical Free; No Artificial Color; Lead Free)
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Mild Essential Oils, French Red Clay, Red Sandalwood Powder

Why are lips sensitive and why it is important to moisturize them well?

The skin on the lips is very thin. In addition, lips don’t contain any oil glands, so they don’t produce any natural oils like the rest of the skin does. As a result, lips tend to become dehydrated and chapped more quickly than the rest of the skin. An effective lip moisturizer needs to keep moisture in and protect the lips from any drying and damaging environmental conditions.
The blood supply to the lips is very close to the surface of the lips, which is why lips appear pink or red and anything we apply on the lips is absorbed more quickly in to our blood stream.

What are the ingredients in lipsticks we should avoid?
Lipsticks contain many harmful ingredients. These include chiefly toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and antimony. In addition to lead, lipsticks may contain formaldehyde, a preservative and known carcinogen, mineral oil substances are also known to block pores while parabens like carcinogens are often used as preservatives. Manufacturers also use harmful petrochemicals to produce lip formulae.

Nirvana Botanique Lip products are free of any chemicals or artificial ingredients.