Dark Brown – Herbs Based Hair Color


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A blend of potent herbs that give your hair a natural color and healthy shine in a natural and safe way. Promotes hair growth.

99.8% Natural *Ammonia Free*: Made in the most natural way possible to give your hair a beautiful color with utmost convenience, without exposure to harmful chemicals used in many hair dyes available in the market today.

Contains: Cassia Henna, Deshavari Henna, Soybean Protein, Organic Indigo Powder, Sodium Sulfite, Para amino phenol 0.1%,  Plant based Carboxy Methyl Celluloze, Citric Acid, Organic Bhringraj Powder, Organic Hibiscus Powder, Organic Amla Powder, Organic Aloe vera Powder.

Application Time:    Dark Brown: 15 – 20 mins              Black: 30-40 mins

Usage: Take the required amount of powder. Slowly add warm water to make a paste. Keep aside for 5 mins. Do not make the paste too thick/thin. Apply the paste on washed hair (hair should not be oily). Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Wash hair with plain water (do not use shampoo). You can use shampoo after 24 hours. Some people may be allergic to henna/ natural powders, discontinue use if there is too much itchiness/ irritation.

Note: Patch test before full use is recommended to test for allergies
Keep packet sealed airtight when not in use