Forever Harmony (Therapeutic Perfume) – 11 ml

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Aromatic! Soothing! Calming!
100% Natural & Chemical Free

Commercially available perfumes contain artificial fragrances and are loaded with chemicals. Some of these chemicals cause irritability, mental vagueness, muscle pain, asthma, bloating, joint aches, sinus pain, fatigue, sore throat, eye irritation, gastrointestinal problems, laryngitis, headaches, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, spikes in blood pressure, coughing, and burning or itching skin irritations.

Nirvana Botanique?s Chemical Free Perfume has therapeutic properties.
It helps relieve stress & anxiety.
It doesn?t irritate the respiratory system.
It is safe for all age groups ? kids, adults and the elderly.
It is
– Paraben free;
– Alcohol free;
– Free of artificial fragrance;
– Eco friendly; Skin Friendly

Ingredients: Pure Aromatic Essential Oils, Pure Sandalwood Oil

Use: Apply on wrist, collar bone, behind neck & ear, hair (do not rub; let it dry on it?s own) or apply on clothes;
Comes in an easy to carry and use roll on bottle and is leak proof.