Anti-aging night care regime, face wash, toner and moisturizing creme combo


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Nirvana Botanique brings to you a complete anti-aging night care regimen for your face. Cleanse, tighten and moisturize your skin every night with the goodness of fruit extracts and essential oils.

Step 1: Wash your face with the Pomengrenate and Strawberry face wash

This sulfate free mild face wash has anti aging properties and is perfect for use at night. It contains fruit extracts of strawberry and pomengrenate, pure apricot oil and pure rose essentioal oil. It will cleanse the dirt and oil from your skin.


Step 2: Apply Sandalwood Blossom Toner on face and neck using a cotton ball

This toner is made with pure sandalwood blossom extract. It has astringent properties, it will cleanse and shrink your pores, making your firm and tight, preventing sagging.


Step 3: Massage face with Revitalizing Fruit Anti Aging Creme

The cream is a blend of natural herbal ingredients that keep the skin fresh and younger looking. It is rich in Vitamin E, which helps block free radicals from the body, and slows down the aging process. The base ingredients are infused with rich potent herbs which are a treasure for healthy skin.

It acts as a great facial massage cream to help improve blood circulation and bring a healthy glow to the face.
Suitable in both, summers and winters.