Aloe Vera Gel + Sandalwood Ubtan Scrub [Combo Pack]

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A lovely combination of Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel and Sandalwood Ubtan Scrub: Cleanse your skin with the soothing sandalwood scrub and moisturize it with the goodness of aloe vera

Product 1:
Deep Cleansing; Tan Removal; Anti Aging;
Fun and easy to use, this 100% chemical free ubtan scrub is great for using once a week to remove dead skin cells. It is mild on the facial skin and at the same time effective in deep cleansing of pores.

Aids in tan & black head removal, helps with even skin tone, helps deal with acne & pigmentation, has anti aging properties, makes skin soft & glowing.
Contains: Sandalwood Powder, Lavender buds powder, 24K Gold Dust, Almond, Besan, Turmeric, Moroccan Clay;
Usage: Add water/rose water/milk/4-5 drops of lemon to the scrub to make a thick paste. Splash water on your face. Gently scrub in circular motion. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes as a face pack & wash off with water.

Product 2:
Presenting the most versatile product from Nirvana Botanique, now in a convenient tube packaging!

– Apply directly on the face, neck & body (leave on)
– Can be used for styling the hair
– Can be mixed with moisturizer or sun screen
– Can be applied to the hair after wash (leave on); Organic hair gel for men
– Can be used by kids for application after sun exposure
– Excellent for after waxing or after threading application
– Can be mixed with clay, activated charcoal, yogurt to make your own face packs at home
– Freeze an aloe cube and apply after waxing, threading, shaving. OR can be used without freezing as well.

How convenient, isn’t it?
And the best part, it is 100% natural, paraben free, artificial fragrance free, free of artificial colors.

Apply it to your skin/hair and leave it on. It will do it’s work! There is no need to wash it off.

Safe for all age groups and sensitive skin!

– Fights aging
– Anti-Acne
– Treats sunburns
– Keeps the skin hydrated
– Removes dead cells & stretch marks
– Keeps the skin supple and rejuvenated and also lightens blemishes

Lab tested to be free of pesticides and heavy metals as on 24/01/2019 by Sri Ram Institute for Industrial Research, Bangalore. Test Certificate No. C2/0000016669.