Benefits of Our Pure and Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has been used for a wide variety of purposes since the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality”.

Since then, its uses have become more steered and medicinal, and it’s one of the leading therapies for sunburns. Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing properties. It can moisturise the skin without making it greasy, which makes it a perfect buy for those with oily skin.

Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera-based products can be used in any season and by people of all skin types. Aloe Vera nurtures the cells on the epithelial level of the skin which is why it’s highly recommended by dermatologists for de tan, treating sunburn and stretch marks.

Aloe Vera gel primarily contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. They provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin inflammation. Gibberellin in aloe vera acts as a growth hormone stimulating the growth of fresh cells. It lets the skin heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring.

You can apply the gel directly to your skin or make a pack using different ingredients from your kitchen.

Aloe vera has a chemical make-up similar to that of keratin (the primary protein of hair) and it rejuvenates the hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage. It also serves as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all soft and shiny. It fosters hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair.

So, now you believe that aloe vera gel proves to be magical for your skin and hair.

But as with everything else in the beauty and cosmetics industry, the issue of authenticity arises with Aloe Vera Gel as well!

Are you sure that the green glistening gel that you have bought is safe and won’t cause more harm than benefit?

Not all aloe vera gels are made pure. Most of them are formulated using parabens (harmful preservatives) and other harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your health.

So How Do you choose a Pure Aloe Vera Gel?

The only way to get utterly pure, actually 100% Aloe Vera is to grow a plant or make it yourself. And if you’ve ever attempted doing that, homemade Aloe Vera gel doesn’t last long…it gets reasonably suspect-looking, not to mention time consuming!

So, for Aloe Vera Gel to be commercially viable, stabilisers have to be added. And that’s not something terrible. It really comes down to what kind of stabilizers are added to the gel. If the added stabilizers are as natural as they come, that product gets a pass.

And that’s where Nirvana Botanique’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel steps in and says hey we have a beautiful natural, pure organic Aloe Vera product that you are going to fall in love with and that too at a very affordable price!

It is 100% natural and paraben free. It contains no artificial fragrance or artificial colours. Apply it to your skin/hair and leave it on. It will do its work and leave you enchanted!

Nirvana Botanique’s Pure Unscented Cold Pressed Organic Aloe Vera Gel is the absolutely right choice when it comes to taking care of your precious skin and hair.

Aloe vera is a gift from nature that brings with it a treasure trove of benefits. The best way to enjoy it, without the fear of added chemicals, is to make the right choice while buying it. So, go ahead, invent your time and money into a healthier and more beautiful you today!

Don’t settle for anything less than Pure Natural Aloe Vera!