Benefits of Our Natural Organic Hair Colors

Experimenting with coloring your hair can be the most exciting part about grooming yourself and forming your identity. There are several different ways in which you can color your hair; highlighting, ombre, or changing the color of your entire head of hair! However, it is crucial to understand the difference between chemical and organic hair colors.

Going into a store and buying your own hair dye for a DIY session at home may seem simple, but what exactly is it doing to your hair over opting for organic hair colors?

Using non-organic hair coloring solutions means using products loaded with ammonia, peroxide, sulfate, PPD and other chemicals that can be damaging to your hair. In fact, if you have hay fever or sinus problems, it’s recommended to avoid chemical-based coloring dyes.

Over-bleaching your hair at home can destroy its natural colors and dry your hair out. Exposing your hair to chemicals over long periods of time means it’s less shiny, and less healthy.

Organic hair colors are a natural alternative to standard hair coloring products and provide you with amazing benefits while maximizing performance. Natural ingredients are used over chemical ones.

For example, the ammonia you come across in chemical-based coloring is replaced with corn and soy. Between 98-99% of the ingredients are naturally derived or organic, and typically the only synthetic ingredients are the pigments and stabilizers.

Using organic hair colors gives your hair the nutrition it requires, and does not have the adverse reactions that are caused by chemicals. Chemical-based products can create a tingling, stinging and often burning sensation on scalp when used for coloring. On the other hand, natural products utilise the natural synergy offered by some plant extracts to nourish and beautify your hair.

Organic hair colors are much longer lasting than the chemical ones. Comprised of mostly natural herbs and legumes, coupled with the smooth and professional treatment and procedures in formulation, organic hair colors are a more trustworthy source if you’re looking for durable shine and color.

For instance, if someone applies an organic hair color, it is more likely to last for between 40 to 90 days in normal circumstances. On the other hand, the chemical-based colors do not produce the same results, and are washed out much sooner than natural products.

We have got it summarised for you as to why organic hair colors are superior to their contemporaries:

  • Organic hair colors are a natural alternative and are free of PPD and other harsh chemicals which are detrimental to your hair and scalp.
  • Organic hair colors are long lasting and retain their color well
  • Organic hair colors incorporate proteins and natural vegetable and plant extracts, which provide the nutrients giving your hair that natural sheen and vibrant, healthy color.
  • They contain natural ingredients such as Chinchona plant, Walnut husks, Rhubarb, Herbal and Bran extract, and Rosemary protein, which all work cumulatively to maintain the shine of your hair.

While organic hair colors are your best preference, it is still vital to take precautions regardless of the lack of chemical substances present.

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